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In our life we all come across a time, when we are in better situation and feel bad for those who are deprived from the comfort and life we live in. Some of us move forward, by simply saying, we have earned this comfort for us, with our hard work, without giving a single thought about feasibility of basic necessities to them & some of us help them, with monitory support. But the bare truth is, such support will either make them beg for further support or it will make them anti social. The best way to support them, to help them, and to even feel superior to them, is, by proving them the same landscape of thoughts and knowledge, to think and decide their fate - hence by educating them. As said by The Legend - "Education is not the Learning of fact, but the training of mind to think". Let's train their mind to think.

While travelling, I used to get surprised by the acts of these small children, rag-picking and proving their bravery with hazardous such as acts-Jumping across the roofs, climbing walls barefooted, diving from height in running water, running along rail tracks and haphazardly looking to find something, & used to think what if they get adequate opportunity and guidance to prove their capabilities in front of mainstream, in better way and in better area, to excel and change their life. And this thought kept the foundation of our Kyari. Kyari-a fence to protect these flower buds. The day came when like-minded approach of Ms. Niharika converted my thought into reality. This is just an initiation from our side, which can only get effective with your support.

Sumit Srivastava

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